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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Gold Brick locations guide

Adam West in Peril 

Adam West is trapped in every story level, as well as the open world. You'll need a variety of characters to save him, and in some cases you need to revisit a level in Free Play. Those are marked as such.

Chapter 1: Pursuers in the Sewers (Free Play)

When you reach the last ledge of the opening area, use Solomon Grundy to sink into the swamp; he'll dig up a canister of shark repellent. Hop onto the handle to send the great white away and rescue Adam West for the first time.

Chapter 2: Breaking BATS! (Free Play)

Before leaving the first area, use a laser character to melt the gold block on the top ledge. Assemble the loose pieces into a Lantern pad, then use a Lantern character to construct a slide that allows West to escape his waterfall predicament.

Chapter 3: Space suits you, Sir! (Free Play)

When you land on the hull of the space station, look up to spot West stuck on a gold satellite. Melt it down with a laser character to free him.

Chapter 4: Space Station Infestation (Free Play)

During the Joker fight, switch to Plastic Man and slip through the vent on the left side of the main platform. On the other end, bust up the nearby boxes for some loose pieces you can build into a Lantern pad. Use a Lantern to construct a vacuum that'll free West from his prison.

Chapter 5: The Big Grapple (Free Play)

In the northwest corner of the room, West is trapped on a ladder by some flames. Put them out with a shield or frost character to rescue him.

Chapter 6: The Lantern Menace (Free Play)

At the beginning of the level, bust up the plants to reveal a patch of dirt. Use a digging character to find some loose bricks, then build these into a turnstile. Use this to raise a case of toxic waste sealed with a golden lock. Use a laser character to melt it away and free West from the trap.

Chapter 7: Europe Against It (Free Play)

After the electrified phone booth, follow the path back around to the river. Use a tech character on the nearby panel and click on the boats to build a bridge West can cross to safety.

Chapter 8: Big Trouble in Little Gotham (Free Play)

You'll find West trapped in the water during the greenhouse section. Use a demolition character to blow up the silver statue nearby, the build the loose pieces into a Lantern pad. Use a Lantern character to construct a boat to rescue West from the water.

Chapter 9: Power of Love (Free Play)

Look to the left of the starting area for an Illumination Suit charging station. Charge up an illumination character, then light up the nearby dark cave to free West from inside.

Chapter 10: A Blue Hope (Free Play)

Look for a high cliff near the plant monster across the river. Fly up there, then use Brainiac to shrink the purple boulder, letting the other one roll free. When it breaks into pieces, build them into a set of stairs to let West escape from the bird's nest.

Chapter 11: Jailhouse Nok (Free Play)

Before crossing the bridge gap at the start of the level, use a digging character to pull a drone out of the nearby dirt patch. This will fly over to the cage and free West from within.

Chapter 12: All the Rage (Free Play)

Fly to the right of the second green gate to find a West trapped behind lasers and a security camera. Drop to the ledge and switch to a stealth character to pull the handle and free him.

Chapter 13: Need for Greed (Story Mode)

In the second zone, fly up to the right to find West trapped in a monkey statue's mouth. Use Green Lantern the pad up here to free him.

Chapter 14: Aw-Qward Situation (Story Mode)

When you reach the surface, you'll break through a roadblock with Solomon Grundy. Just past is a red gate. Fly up to it with Wonder Woman, and use her mind control to take over a guard inside the gate. Flip the switch and take out the Yellow Lanterns to free West.

Chapter 15: Breaking the Ice (Free Play)

All the goodies in this level are found in a secret area. To get there, use a laser character to melt the ice around a Lantern pad on the right side of the opening area. Use a Lantern character to chip out the first minikit and reveal a vent, then slip through with Plastic Man.

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