Johnny Depp set to star in Edgar Wrights Fortunately, The Milk

Fox is set to bring Neil Gaiman’s children’s book Fortunately, The Milk to the big screen, with a trio of A-list talent in place to bring the project to life. According to THR, Bret McKenzie is currently working on a script, with Johnny Depp set to star and Edgar Wright to occupy the director’s chair.

Quite the lineup, we think you’ll agree, and while there may be a few more bits of paperwork to officially get signed off, it sounds as though Gaiman himself has confirmed the story is true. “Ah, Hollywood leaks,” tweeted the author, alongside a link to the story. “In this case, accurately.”

For those unfamiliar with the source material, Fortunately, The Milk is “a story of time travel and breakfast cereal” which sees a father head out to the store to buy some milk, only to find himself confronted by a giant flying saucer. The film version is likely to be a combination of live-action and animation, with Depp presumably playing the aforementioned father. With McKenzie and Wright also involved, we could be in for something very special indeed…