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James Cameron reveals his Avatar and Terminator artwork

While we eagerly await news on James Cameron's in-production Avatar sequels, the man himself has been reflecting on his long and varied career.

Those reflections come hand-in-hand with some of his incredible, never-before-seen artwork - including one image of a blue-skinned alien woman that dates all the way back to 1976.

“I used to paint posters for Z-grade movies, and the way I would paint them was that I had a little apartment in Tarzana, California, and I would paint on the back of the bathroom door," Cameron says.

"And when I wanted to check if the perspective was right in the painting, I would turn the door and look at it in the bathroom mirror. I would see the painting’s mirror image, and I would immediately see the flaws.”

Of the above image, Cameron reveals: “This [ painting ] is going back to 1976 I think, and this was for a film project that never went anywhere. The thing that’s interesting about it is that I’ve already got a tall, hot blue girl in that movie.

"Her name wasn’t Neytiri and it was in a completely different context, but I was already thinking about it then.”

Cameron is currently working on Avatar 2 , 3 and 4 , the first of which is due in cinemas in December 2016.