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Bethesda is still being a Twitter tease, and all signs point to Rage 2

Update: The tweets are still coming, and today's was definitely Rage 2 themed.  Showing a girl rocking a particularly post-apocalyptic look in a queue for something called Anarchy Tours, it suggested that the Mad Max-esque action game was a dead cert for E3 next month. 

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Original story: Usually when you see a picture of a pink rocket on Twitter, some guy has just accidentally uploaded an inappropriate selfie, but Bethesda's tweet is legitimately exciting. Featuring a rocket splattered with a magenta paint, it's sent fans into speculation overdrive. The studio has been rumored to be working on a space-themed RPG called Starfield.

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Earlier today Bethesda posted another image, of London's Big Ben, also smeared in the pink paint, with the hands set to 5:14. Of course that could be a reference to a date, May 14. Might the mystery be solved on Monday, with a teaser ahead of E3?

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Of course it could also be something to do with that Rage leak that happened yesterday, thanks to a Canadian Walmart. The official Rage Twitter account responded to the leak, and even corrected the box art with - wait for it - that same shade of pink. Check out the Twitter page too, that leak and the pink is everywhere. Just call call me Sherlock and let me wear Benedict Cumberbatch's pants. 

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So while the fans are hoping for Skyrim in space with Starfield, my Bitcoin (joke, I'm poor) is on Rage 2 as the most likely announcement come Monday. That or Bethesda is the master of the trolls. Let us know your theories below.

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