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Here's a possible workaround for Outriders' inventory wipe bug

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Some Outriders players are reporting that a new patch that was supposed to stabilize the shooter has completely wiped their inventories of all their gear.

A patch that hoped to fixed server errors is causing its own problems now by wiping inventories, resulting in some players refusing to return to the game until the problem has been resolved.

The development team has acknowledged the problem and updated players, insisting that "resolving the inventory wipe is our top priority and will remain so until fixed".

Developer People Can Fly now says it has applied "additional preventative measures on to our servers to guard against any inventory wipes", adding that while it is seeing a reduction in the issue,  it is "continuing to lock in additional countermeasures". It appears that the problem persists, however.

The official Twitter account also advises that a potential way of mitigating the wipe is "the moment you notice that your gear has disappeared, immediately force close the game, then reboot it".

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However, it did admit that "restoration will not be possible for items that were acquired where the game connection was terminated before an autosave could complete as those items would never have made it into your server inventory/our logs".

ICYMI, some Outriders players are complaining that they're being kicked out of lobbies because of their chosen class.

In a post on the game's subreddit titled 'Screw all your chumps who kick Devastators from your expedition', user HardcoreCamper said "It's not our fault we don't do a lot of damage. We are trying to farm as well to get better gear".

They go on to explain that they're regularly getting removed from lobbies by party leaders, and say that "this type of toxicity is going to be the death of the community".

In the comments beneath the post, another player said that they had started out as the class, but "found it fairly difficult to get into higher difficulty content because no one wanted a Devastator".

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