GTA IV - The guided tour

Introducing the boys from way out East

Niko Bellic

Niko is a tough-looking, imposing man from Eastern Europe somewhere, who seems to have had a troubled past. He mentions that he has killed, sold and smuggled many men, which suggests he was involved in slavery and people-trafficking. It seems he want to move away from the criminal life and have a go at something rather more legitimate, just like his cousin Roman.

Roman has been sending him many emails describing how good things are in Liberty City, so it seems a natural place for Niko to start his new life. Niko is an optimistic and resourceful man who seems skilled in many criminal activities - as he demonstrates with his methodical sweep of an apartment armed with a pistol, and the easy way he hotwires a stationary car.

When we first encounter him entering Liberty City, it’s obvious that he isn’t exactly rich - he looks disheveled, unshaven and is dressed in cheap sports casual clothing. What next for him? We’ll see.