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Godfall reveals three new zodiac-inspired Valorplates and I'm such a Mesa

(Image credit: Gearbox Software)

Godfall has revealed three new Valorpolates inspired by zodiac signs: Mesa, Typhon, and Vertigo. 

The three new signs were announced during a Gamescom presentation by Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing. The stream also goes into great detail about what Valorplates are, how they affect Godfall's gameplay, and their role in co-op combat. 

Previously, we were only aware of the Silvermane Valorplate, which looks an awful lot like it's inspired by Leos everywhere. We know there are 12 Valorplates in total, so it's likely we'll see the other zodiac signs get their own Valorplates in the future.

Director of CounterPlay Games Keith Lee told IGN that Valorplates can be thought of as "weapon platforms for your character." Each one has different stats and capabilities, and you can customize them by slotting different augments you'll find around the world into the Valorplate. Lee also explains that even if two players have the same Valorplate and augments, their respective Valorplates can differ based on how they arrange the augments in a grid.

All 12 Valorplates in the game are categorized as either Balanced, Specialized, or Exotic. Some have high DPS, others are focused on cooldown abilities, and others still focus on debuffs, crowd control, and tanking. Choosing the right Valorplate is key in determining how you'll play through the game, whether in single-player or co-op mode.

Godfall is set to release Holiday 2020 on PS5 and PC.

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