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Get an incredible 8TB of extra gaming storage for just £112, saving you a massive £126

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How does never having to worry about PS4 or Xbox One storage ever again sound? That's your likely future if you grab this WD 8 TB Desktop Hard Drive for £112. That's 53% off and a saving of $126 on a hard drive so big you'll probably never have to delete anything. 

Okay, it's a tower type format so not the most portable but it's still tiny and if you mount behind your PS4 or Xbox One you won't even have to look at it. Just marvel in it's endless capacity to suck up whatever you download, without fear. 

WD My Book 8 TB Desktop Hard Drive £112.99 (was £239.00)

WD My Book 8 TB Desktop Hard Drive £112.99 (was £239.00)
Get an astonishingly large hard drive and save £126! That's 53% and a ludicrous price to storage ratio of £112.

8TB is a lot of games - 8000 GB in fact which will probably keep you busy for a few years. It's definitely more a keep at home kind of set up though. While it's far from massive in physical size it's probably not a 'throw it in your bag and forget about it' form factor. If you are after anything smaller, physically or in terms of memory then you can check out our PS4 external hard drives and Xbox One external hard drives for more options. We've also got all the Black Friday game deals if you're looking further afield for a saving.  

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