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Fortnite's Hunting Party reward skin might have leaked and people have feelings

The Fortnite Hunting Party Challenges are always an interesting part of the game - weeks of trying to complete tasks for... a skin you don't know about yet. The reward is usually secret, meaning all that effort is a bit of gamble. 

However as Fortnite Season 6 approaches week 7 it looks like the Hunting Party skin has been unearthed and emotions are all over the place. 

This is reportedly the skin, called A.I.M. : 

The reactions have been mixed but it's safe to say there's a leaning towards the negative. 

You get the idea. Although a lot of people seem to feel the challenge skins are always let down, which might come from seven weeks of grinding for a mystery reward. That's rarely going to end well. 

Some confusion seems to stem from what a big robot has to to do with the more Halloween themed Hunting Party story so far. However, this could link to Fortnite Season 7, especially after the last Fortnite live event which had a slightly techy feel to the otherworldly dimension it teased . 

Not everyone's down on the skin though. Some people dig it. 

Whatever people feel about it, there's some consensus on one thing: everyone has seen at least one other robot, with Fallout 3's Liberty Prime getting a lot of mentions in particular. 

And something that does seem to be going down well is the idea that the Back Bling might function as a kill counter. Everyone likes that idea. 

We'll find out for sure next week when Fortnite season 7 starts and people can actually unlock the skin for real. 

In other news it looks like controller support might be coming to Fortnite on mobile, which would be a literal game changer. 

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