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Fortnite Operation Snowdown covers the game with snow and new rewards to earn

Fortnite Operation Snowdown
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Operation Snowdown has begun, bringing strategic cheer and high-performance festivities to battle royale players all around the world.

The new in-game event includes a gaggle of quests to complete, outfits to earn, a fresh selection of LTMs to play, and even the return of X-4 Stormwing planes (don't worry, they're just visiting this time). Best of all, the island is once again covered with a picturesque blanket of snow - along with some sneaky Fortnite Snowmando outposts and Fortnite Holiday trees.

Throughout the event, Snowmando (one of the Fortnite characters) will offer you a series of quests that you can complete for rewards: do nine of them and you can cosplay as Snowmando, finish twelves and you'll get to deploy in the tacticool Frost Squad Outfit. Other free rewards to earn include the Shield Surprise Back Bling, Frosty Globes Pickaxe, and more. Don't forget to load up the item shop and claim your free Sing Along Emote so you can go carolling with the whole squad.

Fortnite Operation Snowdown

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Operation Snowdown will bring in a rotating selection of returning LTMS, including the new Shockwave LTM which is all about knocking your enemies into a powered up Storm and the debut of Pickaxe Frenzy in LTM form. Air Royale will return as well, so get ready to achieve aerial superiority across intense plane battles. You can pick out the mode you prefer, or queue up for all kinds of festive fun in the Snowdown Shuffle Playlist.

The Fortnite Operation Snowdown event is live now, and it'll last until January 5. Now get in there and make Snowmando proud.

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