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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Leaky Lake chest locations [D4/D5/E4/E5] - 8 chests total

1. North-west outer rock

Starting from the north-west side, there’s a chest on the rock lining the edge of the whirlpool.

2. North-west inner rock

Directly behind that is another chest behind an upturned rowboat.

3. Red shipping container

To the east is a red shipping container with a chest inside.

4. East rusty car

Carrying on clockwise, there’s a chest on top of a rusted car.

5. East inner rock

Behind the car is another chest on a rock right on the lip of the whirlpool.

6. Purple shipping container

In the purple shipping container to the south is another chest.

7. South outer rock

Behind that is a chest tucked away underneath a large rock.

8. West rusty car

On the western side, you’ll find the last chest on top of another rusted car.

Fortnite Motel chest locations [D2] - 7 chests total

1. Upturned motorhome

Start off by climbing to the top of the motel. There’s an upturned motorhome with a chest on top.

2. Northern roof

Fortnite chests

Right underneath the upturned motorhome, there’s a chest in the roof. Break through to grab it.

3. Motel toilets

Drop down onto the ground floor and head north through the rooms till you find this chest in the dilapidated bathroom.

4. Southern roof

When you reach the corner of the motel, climb up a level to grab the chest on the platform.

5. Inside the overturned lorry

Head back out to the front of the motel and check the overturned lorry for another chest.

6. House 1

There are two houses behind the motel - jump up to the top platform to grab the first chest.

7. House 2

To get the final chest on the other house, build a couple of platforms over and this chest will be right in front of you.

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