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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Tilted Towers chest locations [D5/D6] - 35 chests total

1. South-western house stairwell

At the top of the stairs in the south-western blue & red house is the first of many chests in Tilted Towers.

2. South-western house basement

In the basement for the same house is a parked car with a chest on the back.

3. & 4. Clocktower roof

At the very top of the clocktower are two chests along with an ammo box.

5. Clocktower platform

Break through the upper floor and you’ll land by a chest on some wooden beams.

6. Pawn shop basement 1

Behind the clocktower is a staircase, Head down it and into the building. Break some crates behind the counter to open up the basement which has this chest in the corner.

7. Pawn shop basement 2

In the same basement, look under the stairs for another chest atop some pallets.

8. Lorry under bridge

Round the corner from the pawn shop is a lorry, parked underneath the bridge. There’s a chest in the back.

9. Apartments 1

Over the bridge from the clocktower are some apartments. There’s a chest on the top floor of the western side.

10. Apartments 2

In the connected block, there’s a chest behind a wooden crate in a room hidden by the stairs.

11. Park centre

Walk back toward the clocktower. Over the road is a small grassy park - there’s a chest in the middle.

12. Taco shop apartments 1

Next to the park is a taco shop connected to some apartments. At the top of these apartments, there’s a chest behind some wooden pallets in a hidden room.

13. Taco shop apartments 2

When in the taco shop, break the wall at the very back to open up this bedroom with another chest.

14. Big grey toilets

The enormous grey building is commonly referred to as “big grey”. On the ground floor are some toilets - break the wall above them to find this chest.

15. Big grey office

On the same floor, walk back round to the staircase. This chest is in the next room along.

16. Big grey third floor

Head up the stairs in big grey to find this chest on the third floor.

17. Big grey fifth floor

Keep climbing and you’ll find this chest on a table one floor below the rooftop.

18. Big red rooftop 

The building next to it that is also very large is often called “big red”. This chest is on the very top.

19. Big red fifth floor bedroom

One floor below the rooftop will have this chest on a bed.

20. Big red fourth floor

On the next floor down you’ll find this chest on the opposite side, in a hidden room. Break a wall to reach it.

21. Big red third floor

The final chest in big red is in another hidden room, but you can see it through the wall.

22. Basketball court 1 

When you get to the basketball court in the north-west corner, this chest is underneath the southern basket.

23. Basketball court 2

Also underneath the basketball court is this chest, in the room behind the bar. Break the floor in the north-east corner to find it.

24. Mechanic shop

Over the road from the basketball court is the long mechanic’s shop. This chest is on the back of a parked car.

25. Noms stockroom

Between big grey and big red is a Noms supermarket. Head into the back stockroom to find this chest.

26. L’s stairwell

The two connected apartment buildings are commonly referred to as “L’s” because both are in the shape of an L. This chest is on top of the washing machines in the first stairwell.

27. L’s top floor 

Head up the stairs to the very top and into the top floor apartment. This chest is right behind a wardrobe.

28. L’s bathroom

In the connecting building, look in the top floor bathroom for another chest.

29. Red tower top floor

The final building in Tilted is red and it’s a big tower, thus “red tower” was born. This chest is on the very top floor by the south-facing window.

30. Red tower first floor

On the floor above the shop, break the grey wooden walls to find this chest and stool.

31. South-eastern lorry

Behind big grey is a lorry which holds the penultimate Tilted chest, parked at the side of the road in front of a bus.

32. Hidden underground passage 

Between the park and the ramp down to the lorries, there are some sections of brick pathway you can break through to reveal a hidden passage and a chest by some pipes underneath.

33. Wrecking ball cabin

You’ll find one chest on the cabin for the wrecking ball.

34. First floor demolished building

Right next to the wrecking ball is a chest on a first floor ledge.

35. First floor demolished building

And there’s another on the next floor up in the north-east corner.

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