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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Paradise Palms chest locations [I8] - 22 chests

1. Swimming pool corner

Starting in the north-east corner, this chest is by the palm tree behind a hedge at the corner of the hotel swimming pool.

2. Lifeguard storage

No, this isn’t where they store lifeguards. Break the wall behind the palm tree to get in here. You’ll see a couple of boxes and a lifeguard chair, along with this chest.

3. Swimming pool bar

Cross the swimming pool and this chest is behind the bar.

4. Lorry

Leave the swimming pool via the back door at the bar and this lorry is in the middle of the road with a chest inside.

5. Hotel first floor

Head inside the hotel and break through to the south side on the first floor for this chest.

6. Hotel second floor

Go into the second floor bedroom to find a chest on the bed.

7. Hotel third floor

Go up another level for this chest on a coffee table.

8. Hotel roof

Follow the stairs all the way to the roof. Hop over the wall to grab this chest on the edge.

9. Tractor showroom office

Head back to the lorry in the road and into the tractor showroom on the other side. Go upstairs for this chest in the office.

10. Tractor showroom box room

Stand behind the tractor in the showroom and build a staircase. Break the wall on the southern side to unveil a chest in a boxed off room with just a window.

11. Big shots espresso box room

Build a floor between the last room and the next building, the break the brick wall. This room will open up with just a chest in.

12. McGuffin’s book shop first floor

Build up inside the final shop and break through the floor to open up a large room with one chest in.

13. Southern swimming pool house garden

Cross the road from McGuffin’s to the big villa with the swimming pool. This chest is in the north-west corner of the garden.

14. Southern swimming pool house bedroom

Head inside the house and this chest is atop the bed.

15. South-eastern house bathroom

Move on to the next house and you’ll find this chest in the bathroom upstairs.

16. Eastern swimming pool house office

Onto the next house and this one is right at the top of the stairs next to a bench and bookshelf.

17. Eastern swimming pool house bedroom

Walk out onto the balcony, past the bathroom and this chest is on the bedroom at the end.

18. Centre cactus

Cross the road to the square in the centre and there’s often a chest by the cactus.

19. North-eastern house bedroom

Walk past the basketball court in the road and into the north-eastern house. This chest is in the corner behind the bed.

20. North-eastern house garage

Build up and break through the roof of the two-door garage on the same house for another chest.

21. Northern house motorhome

The blue motorhome outside the northernmost house has a chest atop.

22. Northern house bedroom

Head inside and upstairs in the bedroom you'll find this final chest.

Fortnite Racetrack chest locations [I6/I7/J7] - 8 chests total

1. Eastern garage 1

Starting with the large garage on the eastern side of the racetrack, there’s a chest on a stack of heavy duty shelves in the north-east corner.

2. Eastern garage 2

Turn around and build up to the platform behind you for this chest behind a stack of boxes.

3. Eastern garage 3

Look to the opposite end of the garage for this chest on another raised platform.

4. Standing rock

Behind the garage is this rock that seems to defy physics. Build up for a chest, but we’d recommend building a platform beneath so the loot doesn’t fall into the ocean.

5. Bleachers

Cross the racetrack to the bleachers at the south-west corner to grab this chest.

6. Main building restaurant

Inside the main building on the western side, this chest is at the north end, above the cafeteria/restaurant.

7. Main building toilets

Drop down and head over to the other side of the building. This chest is inside the toilets.

8. Main building office

Head up the stairs and directly above the toilet chest is the office with this chest on a desk.

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