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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Salty Springs chest locations [F7] - 14 chests total

1. Gas station

Walking into Salty from Dusty and the first building you’ll see is a gas station. Head inside for this chest. Fun fact: this is the only gas station on the entire map with a chest inside.

2. Brick house garage

Move round the town anti-clockwise and the first house is the brick one on the northern side. Break above the garage to grab this chest.

3. Brick house attic

Break through into the attic to grab this chest on the other side of the house.

4. Blue house attic

The next house along is painted blue. Start in the attic for this chest. It’s split into three sections, the chest is right above the corner in the house.

5. Blue house basement toilet

Head downstairs to the basement to find this chest in the toilet.

6. Blue house secret basement 1

Look underneath the stairs in the first basement floor and destroy some boxes to unveil a hole leading to a bigger basement. This chest is on the bottom floor by the elliptical machines.

7. Blue house secret basement 2

In the same room, this chest is in the opposite corner by an ammo box.

8. Bungalow roof

Over the road from the blue house is a bungalow. The only chest here can be found in the attic.

9. Broken attic 1

Down the road is a partially destroyed house by a tree trunk. Right at the top, this chest can be found in the undamaged smaller attic.

10. Broken attic 2

Break through the roof on the floor below and this chest is right next to the tree trunk.

11. Broken basement

Head inside the house and down the stairs for this chest in the basement.

12. Eastern house garage

Head to the end of the road and this house is facing the others, at a T-junction. This chest is in the garage roof.

13. Eastern house attic

Take a peek in the attic for this chest in the corner.

14. Sniper nest

On the hill behind the eastern house is this sniper tower with a chest at the top.

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