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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Risky Reels chest locations [H2] - 13 chests total

1. North-west hut

Starting in the north-west corner, the first wooden hut has a chest inside next to an ammo crate.

2. Projector studio roof

Follow the path to the main building with a projector on the balcony. Build onto the roof and break through for the second chest.

3. Projector studio first floor

Drop onto the balcony and head through the door. This chest is between a desk and some film equipment.

4. Projector studio ground floor

Break through the floor and you’ll land in this corridor that leads to a green room with a chest at the end.

5. Cars on the hill

Head through the green room and out the back door. These cars are parked up the hill with one chest.

6. Parked motorhomes

Walk back to the main area and grab this chest atop a parked motorhome in the north-east corner.

7. Parked car 1

Look to the fourth row of cars and this chest is on the back of one.

8. & 9. Picnic hut

There’s two chests inside the large picnic area on the east side of Risky Reels.

10. Parked car 2

It’s parked the wrong way round for some reason but there’s another chest on this parked car in the second row.

11. Behind screen

Walk round behind the screen and this chest is up on the middle platform.

12. Refreshment hut roof

Walk to the hut on the west side and this chest is in the roof.

13. Refreshment hut toilets

This chest is in the left room of toilets. Make sure you break the cubicle first.

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