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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips


With the immense popularity of FIFA’s Ultimate Team and the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by players on this mode, there is a shady underbelly of people out there that want to get their hands on some of that money. Remember, EA Sports will never ask you for your password through e-mail or via message on either PSN or Xbox Live.

If you’re a Twitter user, only interact with @EASPORTSFIFA or their Verified accounts from other countries. When you do mention them, there is a good chance that a bot with a made up account will message you back saying something along the lines of “Click here to redeem your free Ultimate Team Packs” with a link. These links lead to non-EA Sports sites that will take your username and password and can wipe your account of all its points, cards and coins. Yikes! Don't do it.

For EA Sports’ full blog post about account safety please go here.

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