FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips

EA Sports Football Club Catalogue 

One of the new additions to Ultimate Team in FIFA 15 is giving you the opportunity to rent high quality players by spending your Football Club Credits (FCC) on them in the Catalogue.

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EASFC Level NeededXP CostPlayerLoan Length
LVL 2200 FCCKillian Brennan24 Games
LVL 5400 FCCSam Winnall24 Games
LVL 7800 FCCLuca Toni15 Games
LVL 101,000 FCCJonatan Soriano14 Games
LVL 121,200 FCCRaheem Sterling11 Games
LVL 151,200 FCCAaron Ramsey9 Games
LVL 181,800 FCCBlaise Matuidi8 Games
LVL 212,200 FCCWesley Sneijder7 Games
LVL 232.500 FCCJames Rodriguez5 Games
LVL 253,000 FCCArturo Vidal5 Games
LVL 273,500 FCCGareth Bale4 Games
LVL 304,000 FCCRobert Lewandowski4 Games

Along with those players are also a multitude of other Ultimate Team items in the EASFC Catalogue, such as Coin Reward Boosts that will give you between 200 and 1000 coins for 5 to 15 games, contract cards that will increase a players contract length to 99 games, as well as items that will increase your amount of Squad slots and Transfer List size. These are purchased with your FFC points and made available depending on your EASFC Level.

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