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Fallout 76 battle royale is totally happening with a new Nuclear Winter mode

Fallout 76 battle royale

Update: Fallout 76 battle royale is here, and you can sample the new Nuclear Winter mode right now. Not only that, Bethesda recently announced it's extending the pre-beta battle royale preview until... actually, Bethesda didn't specify how long the preview will last, but it'll be longer than the initial week. Let's just pencil that in as 'until further notice.' 

Original story: 

Because you can't have enough there's a Fallout 76 battle royale mode called Nuclear Winter on the way. It sees 52 players fighting to become the Overseer of Fallout 76's Vault 51. After the Fallout 76 human NPCs shock announcement it feels like Bethesda really is pulling out all the stops. 

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From what's been shown the world of Fallout 76 seems intact within the battle royale. As well as the 52 player action, creatures like Scorchbeasts and other smaller monsters seem to be a part of the action, as well nukes. Presumably triggering nuclear bomb is going to be easier in what will be shorter rounds dictated by a literal ring of fire constricting as the match progresses. 

The trailer also seems to show Vault 51 acting as some sort of player hub with activities like boxing, a gym, bar and what looks like an in-game trophy you can display in your settlement if you manage to take the top spot. 

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