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Fallout 4 Comic Book and Magazine locations guide

There's not much to do for entertainment in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 - build a shack, take pot shots at some roaches, try not to succumb to radiation poisoning - so the inclusion of comic books and magazines provides a much welcome respite. Reading the latest issue of Grognak the Barbarian or Guns and Bullets can transport you away from the horrors of the Commonwealth, if only for a short time, and you can even build a magazine rack in your settlement to show off your collection.

There is, however, a much greater benefit to finding these comic books and magazines, as each one you find unlocks various perks and customisation options to improve your lot.  There are 17 different publications in total, each with a number of issues to track down. We haven't included the RobCo Fun magazines here, as they have their own Fallout 4 Holotape Game locations guide, so select a title from the remaining 16 below and begin your search for literature and knowledge.

Table of Contents:

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