Fallout 4 cheats and console commands to cheat the nuclear wasteland

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Fallout 4 cheats and console commands make surviving the irradiated wastes of the Commonwealth much easier, allowing you to screw with NPCs and the world, or become a god yourself. Deathclaws, angry survivalists, delirious mutants and more will be a mere inconvenience for you when you can just teleport elsewhere, clip through walls, and be generally invincible.

There are a lot of other things you can do with console commands, allowing you to just wander out into the wastes and soak in the sights (and rads) of Fallout 4 without having to constantly look over your shoulder. However, be aware that turning on too many cheats at once will likely crash the game. Console command chests are only available on PC, but console players can always check out some the best Fallout 4 mods to see if they’ll help you out of a bind. Here's a list of useful Fallout 4 cheats and console commands to use.

How to use Fallout 4 console commands

Following the standard for a lot of PC games, to apply Fallout 4 console commands you just need to hit the tilde (~) key in-game to reveal the developer console, then enter the command code with the required variables to define it. You can stack various effects by typing in multiple commands, then press tilde again once you're done to go back into the game and see what you've done. In most cases, typing in the same code again will reverse the original effect.

As for any game where you're tinkering around with modification codes and playing in ways that weren't originally intended, it's highly likely that some of these commands (or combinations of them) can produce game-breaking glitches or crash everything. For that reason, you should absolutely create a back up save before you start messing about, so you have a 'safe' state to fall back on should you accidentally send the whole world to pot. Don't forget that using these Fallout 4 cheats will also disable achievements, so you'll need to stay legit if you want to keep earning those awards.

Player Fallout console commands

Turn on God mode, for full invincibility to damage and radiation, plus infinite ammo and carry capacity etc

Turn on Immortal mode, where you can take damage but will never die. This can irreparably break your character if you get decapitated or lose a limb from a kill animation

Turn on No-clip mode, so you can walk in the air and through walls

Refills your health to full

showlooksmenu player 1
Change your appearance - make sure your face in visible on screen

Change your name and assign SPECIAL points

Clears any blood, dust etc effects from your screen

coc CellID
Teleport to the specified CellID location. A list of CellIDs is here

coc qasmoke
Teleport to a testing room containing almost every item in the game. Use the command again with a different CellID to exit

player.additem ItemID #
Change the ItemID to the item you wish to put in your inventory, and # to the amount of that item you want. A list of ItemIDs is here

player.setav VariableID #
Sets the stated VariableID to the entered amount to alter your stats. A list of VaribleIDs is here

player.setav speedmult #
Sets the speed of your character to the entered value, where 100 is standard and 200 is double speed

setgs fJumpHeightMin #
Sets the height of your jump, where 90 is standard. If you increase this too much then you will take fall damage when jumping, unless you also enter setgs fjumpfallheightmult 0 or enable God mode

player.addperk PerkID
Adds the stated PerkID to your character. A list of PerkIDs is here - note that you also need to add any preceding perks in the order they unlock

CGF "Game.AddPerkPoints" #
Add the specific number of Perk Points, which can then be spent

player.setlevel #
Replace # with the level to set your player to

Point at a door, terminal, safe etc then use these code to lock or unlock them

Point at a object then use this code to activate it when normally a switch or other trigger is required

World Fallout 4 console commands

Toggle the GUI display - this also turns off the console command display, so you'll need to enter ~tm again to see what you're typing

tmm 1
Turn on all map markers, switch 1 with 0 to turn them all off, or 1,0,1 to turn them all on as undiscovered (no fast travel)

Enter free camera mode, add 1 to pause the game

Take a screenshot and save it in the root Fallout4.exe directory

sucsm #
Replace # to alter the speed of the free camera, use 10 for half speed, 20 for default,  or 40 for double speed

Toggles the fog on the local map

Toggles God-Ray

Toggles grass

Toggles sky display

Toggles water display

set timescale to #
Change # to determine the speed time passes at (number of game seconds per actual second), where 1 is realtime and 20 is default

sgtm #
Change # to determine the game speed multiplier, where 0.5 is half speed and 2 is double speed etc. Going too high can crash the game

fw WeatherID
Replace WeatherID with the type of weather you want to activate, using fw to instantly activate it or sw for a gradual change. A list of WeatherIDs is here

Quest Fallout 4 console commands

Completes all quest stages and awards all quest items, likely to bug or crash

Starts all quests, very likely to crash

Displays all objectives for all quests

Displays all targets for current quests, shows QuestIDs

sqs QuestID
Display all stages for the specific QuestID. A list of QuestIDs is also here

movetoqt QuestID
Travel to the target of the specific QuestID

completequest QuestID
completeallobjectives QuestID
Completes quest with the specific QuestID, completing all objectives may be more reliable

resetquest QuestID
Resets quest with the specific QuestID

Faction Fallout 4 console commands

player.addtofaction FactionID #
FactionID #
Adds you or the specified target to the stated FactionID, replacing # with 0 for friend or 1 for ally. A list of FactionIDs is here

player.removefromfaction FactionID
TargetID.removefromfaction FactionID
Removes you or the specified target from the stated FactionID


Removes you or the specified target from all factions. If used on yourself then this also removed you from the technical "player" faction required for game functions, so add this back with player.addtofaction 0001c21c 1

setally FactionID FactionID # #
Set two FactionIDs to be friendly with each other, replacing # with 0 for friend or 1 for ally

setenemy FactionID FactionID # #
Set two FactionIDs to be enemies with each other, replacing # with 0 for neutral or 1 for enemy

NPC Fallout 4 console commands 

Turn off all AI detection

Toggle non-combat AI for NPCs

Toggle combat AI for NPCs

Switches gender of targeted NPC, prone to bugs. A list of targetIDs for NPCs is here

Toggles control of the targeted NPC. Use with player.tc to stop your own character moving at the same time

Kills the targeted NPC, as long as they're not essential

Kills all non-essential NPCs and creatures in the vicinity

Kills all hostiles in the vicinity

Return a dead targeted NPC to life

player.moveto TargetID
Moves you to the stated NPC or item

TargetID.moveto player
Moves the stated NPC or item to you

Allows you to barter with NPCs

Phew, with that many Fallout 4 console commands to play with that should be enough to keep you busy until the radiation finally dissipates. If you're not able to make certain commands work, or you just want to know more about the options available, then enter help in the console command window and more instructions will follow.

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