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fallout 4 bobbleheads
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Fallout 4 Bobbleheads boost your SPECIAL stats and enhance abilities, including boosting critical damage for various weapon types, giving you easier lockpicking and longer-lasting fusion cores for your power armor. They'll actually take you above the 10 point max, to 11, if you find one after you reach it, so it's well worth waiting to collect them - if you find one below 10 you can't then go above it later. 

Here's where to find all 20 Fallout 4 bobbleheads in the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 strength bobblehead

Fallout 4 strength bobblehead location

This Fallout 4 bobblehead will increase your strength stat, unsurprisingly. To find it first head to the Boston area to find the Mass Fusion building.

Fallout 4 Boston mass fusion building

In the lobby area the bobblehead is balanced on top of a large metal statue protruding out of the wall.

If you're not here as part of a story-related quest, this floor is as far up as you can go for now. There's a guy up here with power armour and various enemies you'll have to fight through on your way up, so make sure you have plenty of chems and decent firepower.

Fallout 4 perception bobblehead

Fallout 4 perception bobblehead location

This Fallout 4 bobblehead will permanently bump up your Perception stat by 1. Head to the Museum of Freedom in Concord, just down the southeast road from Sanctuary. 

Fallout 4 Museum of Freedom

If this is your first time here, the place is full of raiders so you've been warned. When you reach the top floor, head into the room where the survivors are hiding.

Fallout 4 perception bobblehead

The bobblehead is on the desk to the left, behind the seriously depressed Jun Long, who has obviously given up on both life and personal grooming.

Fallout 4 endurance bobblehead

Fallout 4 endurance bobblehead location

Collecting this bobblehead in Fallout 4 will increase your endurance stat by +1 and is at Poseidon Energy, which is in the bottom right corner of the map near the main road.

Fallout 4 Poseidon Energy

The building is full of enemies and a pretty tough boss level chap kitted out in his own power armour. Once you're inside, follow the central catwalk towards the heavily guarded office, watching out for turrets, raiders, and the big guy in the power armour..

Poseidon Energy office

Once you've cleared them all out, head into the main office and over to the desk on the back wall. The bobblehead is on here, next to the broken terminal.

endurance bobblehead

Fallout 4 charisma bobblehead

There are a lot of prerequisites to find this Fallout 4 bobblehead. You need to have reached level 10 before you look for Edward Deegan at one of four locations; Dugout Inn in Diamond City, Market area in Bunker Hill, Colonial Taphouse, and Third Rail in Goodneighbor.

Fallout 4 Edward Deegan

Complete the Special Delivery quest for him, then the Emogene Takes a Lover quest. Once that's wrapped up, you can start The Secret of Cabot House to enter the asylum.

Fallout 4 Cabot House location

Meet Jack Cabot at the asylum and follow him through the building to the quest marker in his office. The bobblehead is on the desk.

Fallout 4 charisma bobblehead location

Fallout 4 intelligence bobblehead

Fallout 4 intelligence bobblehead location

Head to the Boston Public Library in the Boston area, to the west of Trinity Tower to find this bobblehead in Fallout 4. You need to get to the other side of the locked door in the main room, so head around the corridors until you can unlock the door to open up the shortcut. Then head through the wooden door to the room in the northwest corner of the building. There's a large terminal in here and the bobblehead is on top.

Fallout 4 intelligence bobblehead

Fallout 4 agility bobblehead

Fallout 4 agility bobblehead location

To get this Fallout 4 bobblehead you'll need to find the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star in the southeast corner of the map. The place is surrounded by Mirelurks and full of raiders so you'll need to fight your way up to the deck. Once you've made it there, go up the stairs and through the shack. The leader of the raiders is taking cover in here, so take care of him first. Once he's been dispatched, make your way to the bow of the ship. The bobblehead is right on the edge up here.

Fallout 4 agility bobblehead

Fallout 4 luck bobblehead

Fallout 4 luck bobblehead location

Swim out to Spectacle Island in the southeast corner of the map to get this bobblehead in Fallout 4. A hazmat suit or plenty of Rad-X will almost certainly be needed to get there without drowning while being gently irradiated. There's a green boat at the southern tip of the island - head to the cabin at the top and the bobblehead is in the locker next to the steamer trunk.

Fallout 4 luck bobblehead

Fallout 4 barter bobblehead

Fallout 4 barter bobblehead location

The barter bobblehead will ensure that trader prices are 5% better and it's in Longneck Lukowski's Cannery on the east coast.

Enter the building and go past Theodore Collins to the back. Take the stairs to the next floor and follow the catwalk around to the small office at the end - the bobblehead is on the desk, balanced on top of the broken terminal.

Fallout 4 big guns bobblehead

Fallout 4 big guns bobblehead location

Permanently increase critical damage with heavy weapons by 25% by finding this bobblehead in Vault 95, on the southwest corner of the map. This Vault is home to some pretty high level enemies so make sure you're prepared before you head inside.

Make your way to the living quarters by heading right as you enter the main area of the Vault. Head down the stairs and straight through the doorway in front of you. Take the first right, head over to the barricade into the room on the right and then pop through the hole in the wall.

The bobblehead is on top of the radio on the table in the next room.

Fallout 4 energy weapons bobblehead

Fallout 4 energy weapons bobblehead location

The energy weapons Fallout 4 bobblehead will permanently increase critical damage with energy weapons by 25%. It's in Fort Hagen to the south of Sanctuary which you'll visit as part of the story.

Enter the Fort and make your way down to the lowest level. You'll know you're in the right place when you get to the Command Centre. Keep your eye out for the cafeteria along the left of the corridor. Look for a skeleton dangling out of the window. Head inside and go through the double doors on the left where you'll find the bobblehead on the table between two fridges.

Fallout 4 explosives bobblehead

The explosives bobblehead permanently increasing damage with explosives by 15% and can be found in Saugus Ironworks to the far east of the map.

Head inside via the courtyard full of bonfires. Be wary of the raiders here as they're kitted out with flamethrowers and will waste no time in roasting you to a crisp.

Proceed through the ironworks until you reach the blue double doors that lead to the Saugus Blast Furnace. There's a mini-boss waiting for you behind here along with Jake from the Out of the Fire quest line, so get ready to slug it out.

Once the fight is over, head up the stairs to the second level and the bobblehead is on top of the panel on the back wall.

Fallout 4 lockpicking bobblehead

Fallout 4 lockpicking bobblehead location

Head to the Pickman Gallery in the northern part of the Boston area. Fight your way through the raiders to the basement, and into the tunnels beyond. Following the path underground will bring you out into a room where Pickman is being confronted by raiders. Kill them all and take Pickman's key to a hidden safe in the gallery as an extra reward. You'll notice a metal bin in this area that he's using as a makeshift campfire - the bobblehead is on the floor next to it.

Fallout 4 medicine bobblehead


Fallout 4 medicine bobblehead location

The Fallout 4 bobblehead for medicine will permanently increase healing from stimpaks by 10%. To get it head west of Diamond City to find Vault 81. With high charisma you can talk your way in, otherwise be prepared to part with three fusion cores to gain entry.

You can access the secret vault where the bobblehead is located during the Hole in the Wall quest. To get this quest, speak to Austin when he greets you at the entrance and accept his offer of a tour, then speak to Erin and accept the Here Kitty, Kitty quest.

Before you leave to search for the cat, swing by the doctor's office to donate some blood, then head outside to find the cat. When you return, you'll find out that Austin is sick and this will start off the Hole in the Wall quest - Dr. Penske will give you this quest.

Follow the quest marker through the secret vault until you reach the room with Curie the robot. She'll open the door to give you the cure and the bobblehead is on the desk in her office.

Fallout 4 melee bobblehead

Fallout 4 melee bobblehead location

The Fallout 4 melee bobblehead  will permanently increase the critical damage of your melee weapons by 25%. Make your way to Trinity Tower. The place is full of Super Mutants, and you're going to have to fight your way to the top and back down again, so be ready.

At the top of the tower you'll find the room where Rex Goodman and Strong are being held. Open the door to let them out, then take a look at the table in the right corner to find the bobblehead.

Fallout 4 repair bobblehead

Fallout 4 repair bobblehead location

The Fallout 4 bobblehead for repair will increase fusion core duration by 10%. To get it head to the Corvega Assembly Plant.

Make your way up to the catwalk circling the big blue globe and head around the catwalk to the crate at the end. You'll find the bobblehead on here, enjoying the view.

Fallout 4 science bobblehead

Fallout 4 science bobblehead location

The Fallout 4 science bobblehead will give you an extra go when hacking terminals, so you'll have five guesses instead of four. It's in Vault 75, to the east of Concord, beneath Malden Middleschool.

You'll find the entrance in the destroyed section of the school. Head to the lowest level to find the assault course and the gunner holding the Lab Access card. Head back to the main floor and use the card on the locked door. Follow the stairs up to the next level and go straight ahead and through to the room at the end.

The bobblehead is on the desk overlooking the assault course. You'll find the Admin Access card on the body of the raiders here after you kill them.

Fallout 4 small guns bobblehead

Fallout 4 small guns bobblehead location

The Small Guns bobblehead will permanently increase critical damage with ballistic weapons by 25% and can be found in Gunners Plaza in the southeast.

You need to get inside the recording room. To find the key, take the lift down to the basement and kill Ryder and the key is on his body. Head back to the main floor via the lift and follow the corridor around to the left to get to the recording room. There are enemies both inside and out, so deal with them however you see fit.

Head inside after you've massacred everyone and the bobblehead is on the news desk.

Fallout 4 sneak bobblehead

Fallout 4 sneak bobblehead location

For the more shifty of survivors, this bobblehead  makes you 10% harder to detect. The get it head to Dunwich Borers to the east side of the map.

You'll find the entrance to the quarry down some steps to the northeast, ever-so-slightly hidden behind a wall. Follow the path downwards. The miniboss Bedlam is waiting at the bottom of the stairs at Station 3. 

Beyond the chained door, the place is filled with ghouls. Flipping the circuit breakers to turn on the lights will help in getting the drop on them. Push ahead, through the area shrouded in mist. Eventually you'll come to a T-junction with a metal staircase on the left and a circuit breaker on the right. Follow the path to the right and flip the switch to lighten up your surroundings.

Along the right hand wall is the Station 4 Terminal and the bobblehead is on the table next to it.

Fallout 4 speech bobblehead

Fallout 4 speech bobblehead location

The Speech bobblehead will permanently give all vendors 100 extra bottle caps when bartering. The get it head to Park Street Station, the entrance to Vault 114, near Swan's Pond. You'll come here as part of the main story during the Unlikely Valentine quest. 

Follow the signs to the Overseer's office. There will be raiders along the way, as well as a miniboss in the main hall just outside the office. Use the terminal by the door to free Nick. The bobblehead is on the desk in the Overseer's office.

Fallout 4 unarmed bobblehead

Fallout 4 unarmed bobblehead location

This bobblehead will permanently increases critical damage with unarmed attacks by 25% and can be found at Atom Cats Garage in the southeast of the map.

Go on inside and head to the main garage and look for a car with the unarmed bobblehead as a hood ornament. 

With all 20 bobbleheads collected, you can open up a bottle of Gwinnett Stout and roast yourself a Deathclaw steak to celebrate.

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