Fallout 4 Comic Book and Magazine locations guide

Tesla Science Magazine

The Tesla Science perk gives +5% critical damage to energy weapons, stacking with each issues you pick up.

Issue #01 Will Robots Rule the World? - ArcJet Systems

The first issue you pick up will unlock the Tesla Science perk.

ArcJet Systems is to the south of Sanctuary. You'll also come here with Paladin Danse for one of the first Brotherhood of Steel quests.

Once you're inside, head up to the second floor where you'll find the CEO's terminal.

The magazine is on the table next to it.

Issue #02 What is Plasma Anyway? - General Atomics Factory

General Atomics is home to a minigame of sorts as well as this issue of Tesla Science Magazine.

The factory is to the southeast of the Boston area.

Follow the stairs up to the second floor.

Go through the open door to the office ahead.

Pop over to the desk in the corner to the right.

The magazine is on here.

Issue #03 Rocket Science for Toddlers - Rocky Cave

You'll need a hazmat suit to get your hands on this issue.

Head down to the southwest corner of the map to find Virgil's Rocky Cave. That's not a euphemism.

The magazine is on the upturned fridge next to the toolbox.

Issue #04 Tomorrow's Technology For Today's Super Soldiers - Mahkra Fishpacking 

This area is full of Synths and they'll be waiting outside for you on the way out.

In the centre of the room you'll find the lift to take you down to the lower floor.

Head to the left after getting off the elevator and continue down the ramp to the very bottom.

Follow the path and you'll reach a set of stairs. Head to the area behind them.

There's a couple of dead bodies back here. We're interested in the raider slumped against the wall.

The magazine is on the table next to him.

Issue #05 Giant Super Weapons - Mass Fusion Building

You won't be able to access this area in the Mass Fusion building until you're near the end of the main quest line.

Head to the Mass Fusion building.

You can now take the lift to the area with the glass floor.

Head through the door on the left to find the route up to the next floor.

Go around and into the room with the blue consoles.

Head to the right as you enter.

The magazine is on the console next to the window.

Issue #06 Geckos and Gamma Radiation - University Point

This issue is in Sedgwick Hall at University Point.

University Point is in the southeastern part of the map.

Enter Sedgwick Hall and head upstairs.

Go right up to the top floor.

Pop through the doorway on your right and go through into the room with the curtains tacked up in the hole in the wall.

The magazine is on the table next to the mattress.

Issue #07 U.S. Army Goes to Space - HalluciGen, Inc.

The building is full of Gunners and the chance to perform some horrendously fun experiments on them.

HalluciGen, Inc. is in the downtown Boston area.

Enter the building and go through the doorway on the left.

We need to follow the corridor, but as the floor's collapsed, take the detour that will bring you out on the other side.

Continue following the corridor to the end and enter the room here.

Head over to the cabinet by the doorway.

The magazine is on here.

Issue #08 10 Number 1 Hits!!! - Poseidon Energy

This magazine is in exactly the same location as the Fallout 4 Endurance bobblehead.

You'll find Poseidon Energy to the southeast.

Follow the central catwalk to the office guarded by turrets and raiders.

Once you've cleared them out, go around and head inside.

The magazine is on the desk at the back wall, next to the broken terminal and the bobblehead.

Issue #09 Future of Warfare? - Reeb Marina

You'll get a hell of a surprise along with this issue.

Reeb Marina is over to the east.

Make your way around to the kitchen area inside.

The magazine is on the table.

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