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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street South: Finding the Hidden Heroes [Part 1]

You’ll find Seth in the center of Mean Street South. He wants you to bring back pictures of the hidden Mickey and Oswald faces in the game. Once you’ve acquired the camera, you can start doing just that.

For some additional help, you can purchase Hero Maps from the stores throughout the game. These will display where you can find those hidden faces. Be aware that some spots appear to be glitched – if you can figure out how they resemble Mickey or Oswald, please let us know. You won’t need to photograph every single spot to complete the quest, but here are all the face locations.

You’ll find the first Oswald face in this pile of rubble in front of the Mean Street North Train Station.

You’ll find another Oswald face on the open side of the firehouse in Mean Street North.

To find the first Mickey face, you’ll have to first thin out the walkway in front of the Train Station to open a tunnel. Enter the tunnel and head left to find the Mickey face along the tunnel wall.

The grate atop the Mad Hatter’s shop counts as another Mickey face.

Once you repair the robot head a second time, hop in to find this Mickey face-shaped rock in the new chamber.

Head to the Underground. Turn right in the area before the gap to find Oswald’s face on this door.

Behind you is this ledge with three grates. They count as another Mickey face.

Across the gap, this door counts as another Oswald face.

Likewise, the three grates on the ledge opposite the door count as another Mickey face.

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