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Disney Plus gift cards - delivery, info, prices, and why you should buy one

Disney Plus gift cards
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Anyone trying to hunt down an easy present should seriously consider the Disney Plus gift cards. Besides offering a 12-month subscription to the Disney Plus streaming service at the click of a button, they can also be delivered to any email address you like whenever it suits you. That makes them an ideal last-minute present. Especially because they provide access to loads of Marvel movies, Disney cartoons galore, and the ability to watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as new episodes land each week. So much more is on the way in the next few months, too (including a Loki spin-off and Pixar film Luca). To cut a long story short, it's a great time to be getting involved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Disney Plus gift cards can only be activated by new subscribers. If the recipient already has Disney Plus, they won't be able to use the card - the official site notes that they "cannot be used to pay for an existing subscription."

Because Disney Plus gift cards are actually digital codes, there's an option to have them delivered to any email address you like at the time of your choosing. So you can either get the code sent to yourself (giving you the option of printing off the code or writing it in a card) or you can arrange for the email to be sent directly to the recipient on a date of your choice. That makes them ideal as a last-minute present or a replacement if your original gift plans go wrong or as a main present for the Disney fan in your life.

Would you prefer a physical Disney Plus gift card? Unfortunately for us, they're pretty hard to come by - they're only available in select US Disney Stores and the Disney parks. However, at least with the digital version, you don't have to leave the comfort of home to get your gift buying sorted.

As things stand, the Disney Plus gift card subscription offers one year of service priced at $79.99 in the US or £79.90 in the UK. This actually saves about $16 / £16 compared to paying for the new streaming service monthly, so you're effectively getting 12 months for the price of 10 by buying that year upfront.

A Disney Plus gift card comes with the complete line-up, of course, with popular Star Wars TV show The Mandalorian, new Pixar films, Marvel miniseries The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and more. If you're based in the UK, users can also get access to the brand-new Star channel. This is the home of more mature content that doesn't fit in with the family-friendly vibe of Disney Plus. Seeing as that line-up includes sitcoms like Modern Family or How I Met Your Mother and classic thrillers such as 24, the Disney Plus gift card becomes even better value for money.

Wondering if the price recently changed? Remember it costing less? Good eye - a Disney Plus price increase recently arrived. However, it's not a disaster. The rise was due to the sheer amount of content in the pipeline, including 10 Marvel and 10 Star Wars series in the next few years alone. Disney Plus gift cards are still very affordable, too.

For more info on the streaming service, don't forget to check out our Disney Plus review.

Disney Plus gift card - US

Disney Plus gift card (1 year) | $79.99 at Disney Plus
Want an easy but thoughtful present for a loved one? Disney Plus offers a digital gift card that can be delivered to any email address you like on the day of your choosing. That makes timing it for special occasions very simple, whether it's a few weeks away or today. In addition, you're basically getting two free months for your trouble - this deal is around $16 less than paying for Disney Plus month by month, which is pretty good value for money on the whole.
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Just remember, you'll be hard-pressed to get the gift subscription card in physical form. In fact, the only place you'll find an actual, hold-it-in-your-hands card rather than a code is at select Disney Stores. It's also worth noting that the Disney Plus gift card is not available at third-party merchants or in supermarkets yet either, so grabbing it at the link above is the only way you'll be able to pick one up for now.

It's a worthwhile investment, though. The service has been a big hit in the States since launching, with fans eagerly diving into the huge back-catalog of classic Disney movies, every season of The Simpsons, and beyond. New content is being added all the time, too, with the latest Disney movies and a raft of new Marvel TV shows deep into production already. A Loki miniseries is on its way, for example, as are at least three more Star Wars shows and multiple Marvel series like Loki and She-Hulk.

Disney Plus gift cards - UK

Disney Plus gift card (1 year) | £79.90 at Disney Plus
The UK Disney Plus gift card is ideal as a gift for a Disney-loving friend or family member, and it'll be delivered instantly to the email address of your choosing. It also comes with the new Star selection of Tv shows and movies too. What's more, you're saving around £16 compared to paying for a monthly sub.
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Disney Plus gift card - worldwide

Disney Plus gift card

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Unfortunately, Disney Plus gift cards have not been released in other territories like Canada, Australia, or the Netherlands yet. We expect Disney is waiting until the service has been rolled out in more countries before sorting this out. As such, we'll keep you informed as and when we know more. Watch this space!

If you still want a Disney-themed gift but can't get the gift card, don't lose hope. We'd recommend Disney Villainous, the Disney Villainous expansions, or Disney's The Haunted Mansion board game. They're perfect choices for the Disney fan in your life.

Disney Plus offers for you

Disney Plus gift card

(Image credit: Disney)

If you're wanting to check out Disney Plus yourself, there are plenty of Disney Plus bundles and Disney Plus sign-up deals for you to choose from (even though the Disney Plus free trial is gone, the offers that remain are still pretty great). We've listed the best ones below, and will continually update this page as and when more appear. 

However, bear in mind that you can't gift these to someone else. Not unless you want to be paying their monthly fee via your bank account, anyway!

Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus (US only) | $13.99 per month
This is our favorite offer for Disney Plus; it adds in the excellent Hulu and ESPN Plus streaming services at a seriously low price. Indeed, it's the same cost as a Standard HD month of Netflix... for triple the amount of content. Hulu in particular compliments Disney Plus by offering more adult-friendly content like Castle Rock, Blackish, The Handmaid's Tale, Family Guy, and much more. It's a rolling monthly contract too, so you can cancel at any time.
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Disney Plus + Hulu (no ads) + ESPN Plus | $19.99 per month
Wan to avoid those annoying ads on Hulu? This bundle gets rid of them entirely. Because the interruptions tend to be more frequent on newer and more popular shows, it's definitely worth the extra six bucks a month in our eyes. And don't worry if you'd already opted for the offer listed above; you can always upgrade at a later date.
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Disney Plus | $7.99 per month / £7.99 per month
If you want the simplest and cheapest option for checking out the full range of Disney Plus content (with no long term commitment), this rolling monthly deal is the one for you. You can cancel at any time, and users also have the option of paying for a year upfront. Much like the Disney Plus gift cards, this saves you nearly $16 / £16 compared to paying monthly for a year.
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