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Delight the builders in your life with these discounted Lego Minecraft sets from Amazon (with savings up to 40%)

The marriage of Lego toys with the Minecraft brand is just perfect, as both activities encourage creativity and endless play that's perfect for kids (and kids at heart). You might've already been aware that Lego and Minecraft had teamed up for a line of themed sets - but you might not realize just how intricate some of these sets can get, with some built from 1,100+ pieces. 

If your loved ones adore building intricate buildings or silly forts in Minecraft, these Lego sets would make a great gift that can be constructed, collapsed, and rebuilt time and again - and they've gotten some serious discounts during all the Black Friday game deals that give way to a Cyber Monday blitz. Best of all, each set comes with its very own Steve minifigure, so you roleplay the building process right. 

Lego Minecraft The Waterfall Base set is $41.99 at Amazon (save 40%)
This 729-piece set is the perfect starter kit, with the familiar green of the basic biome and little critters to play with. You can also build your own Enderman minifigure, provided it doesn't creep you out too much.View Deal

Lego Minecraft The Farm Cottage set is $33.99 at Amazon (save $16)
A largely peaceful, 549-piece set, there's still has a bit of mischief in the Farm Cottage thanks to the inclusion of a bow-wielding Skeleton minifigure.View Deal

Lego Minecraft The Zombie Cave set is $15.99 at Amazon (save 20%)
If you're going to simulate some Minecraft combat, you'll definitely want to pit Steve against some zombies. This set comes with three enemies for the included Steve minifigure to fight: a zombie, a baby zombie, and a bat for good measure!View Deal

Lego Minecraft The Nether Portal set is $27.99 at Amazon (save $12)
Relive your harrowing adventures through Minecraft's endgame with this set, which includes a Steve minifigure decked out in diamond gear and a big ol' ghast that can actually launch little plastic fireballs from its mouth!View Deal

Lego Minecraft The Ocean Monument set is $96.99 at Amazon (was $120)
This extremely complex, multifaceted set boasts 1,122 pieces in total, recreating visits to the Deep Ocean where Alex and Steve can battle fearsome Guardians (and an errant squid).View Deal

Lego Minecraft The Nether Railway set is $19.99 at Amazon (save 33%)
Take a trip to the magma-filled depths and build your own minecart track in this treacherous set (complete with the hilariously disturbing Zombie Pigman minifigure).View Deal

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