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How long does it take to beat Deathloop?

Deathloop walkthrough endings
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If you want to know the time it takes to beat Deathloop, and how long you'll be looping around Blackreef island, then we have the numbers. This is a very open game with a lot of possibilities and options to explore, so the answer of how long Deathloop actually is varies depending on how you actually play it. 

How long is Deathloop? 


(Image credit: Bethesda)

So the whole point of Deathloop is finding a way to kill eight Visionaries in one day to break a time loop and escape the island. The game is very wide open, and lets you go pretty much anywhere and do anything, but it also has a laser focused objective tracking system. So how long Deathloop actually is depends on how you want to beat it.

It means if you want to finish Deathloop fast you can probably drill through it in 25-30 hours by sticking rigidly to objectives. However, that will be a fairly barebones playthough that won't show you half of what the island of Blackreef has to offer. You'll also miss out on some of the cooler power upgrades and weapon. A more in-depth playthrough, exploring side quests and mysteries, will easily take you up to 30-40 hours or more. For example, I'm currently in the 50-60+ hour area, having seen one possible ending and I'm still exploring the island trying to mop up side bits, mysteries, and open up some firmly locked doors. So there's a fairly big experience there if you want to really dig in to.  

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