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Death Stranding PC release date confirmed for 2020

(Image credit: Sony)

A Death Stranding PC release is coming and will launch in summer 2020 according to the official Kojima Productions Twitter account. 

In an unexpected move, the account thanked fans for their support for the upcoming adventure before dropping the news that the PC port will arrive next summer, with 505 Games publishing this version. 

While it’s not surprising that Death Stranding is getting a PC release, especially with the news that it was delisted as a PS4 exclusive back in May, we weren’t expecting to hear about its release window just 11 days before the PS4 version launches. 

Having said that, it’s still good news for those without a PS4. While the account didn’t offer any other details on the PC port, with the Death Stranding World Tour starting this week in Paris, there’s a good chance that creator Hideo Kojima might go into some detail about what to expect from the upcoming PC version. If you’re in the UK and would like to meet Hideo Kojima, the Death Stranding tour comes to London on November 2, where he’ll be attending from 11:30am to 1:30pm GMT. Fingers crossed he might spill more beans on the upcoming PC version. 

There’s been a steady drip of Death Stranding news over the past few weeks, with the game’s PS4 release date of November 8 creeping ever closer. The Death Stranding review embargo was confirmed for November 1, while last week we discovered that Conan O’Brien is in Death Stranding. Personally, I think it’ll be quite hard for him to top his many 30 Rock cameos, but hey, I’m excited to see how they’ll try. 

Can’t wait to discover the many mysteries of Hideo Kojima’s new game? Find out how you can sort out your Death Stranding pre-order here. 

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