Conan O'Brien (yes, that Conan O'Brien) is in Death Stranding

(Image credit: Sony)

Just when you think Death Stranding can't surprise you any more, a new mini-documentary from late night talk show host Conan O'Brien appears online, in which the American comedian takes a tour of Hideo Kojima Productions, makes fun of the upcoming PS4 exclusive, and even reveals that his own likeness and voice will appear as a character in the game. Check it out below. 

It's pretty hilarious to see Conan react as wildly as everyone to the thumbs up baby from the Death Stranding trailer, while also having a genuine laugh with one of the gaming industry's most reputable auteurs. 

Towards the end of the video, it's revealed that Conan used his time at Kojima Productions to provide his own likeness and voice for a character in Death Stranding itself, appearing as one of the game's many parcel vendor NPCs who will reward protagonist Sam for his services as a post-apocalyptic delivery man. 

Death Stranding cameos are hardly new for creative director Kojima, who has been using groundbreaking facial capture technology to incorporate the likenesses of Nicolas Winding Refn, Guillermo Del Toro, Geoff Keighley, and more. 

Few, however, have provided their own voice performances to go along with their in-game appearances, making Conan's cameo a particularly special one. We've already predicted that everyone who has visited Kojima Productions is going to be in Death Stranding in one form or another, but be sure to find out our official verdict on the game when the GamesRadar review drops on November 1

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