Death Stranding will have a lot of Norman Reedus Easter eggs to help you "relate to the character"

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Death Stranding is weeks away from release, but its main star Norman Reedus - who plays Sam Porter Bridges - is still teasing more about what to expect from Hideo Kojima's upcoming PS4 game

Speaking to IGN at The Walking Dead season 10 red carpet, Reedus explained that Death Stranding will contain a lot of fourth-wall breaking Easter eggs based on his own behaviour and out-of-character traits. 

"It was maybe three years that I wore that little suit with the dots on it", says Reedus, "and every time i did something I'd scratch my head or yawn and [Kojima would say] 'do it again', and i was like 'is everybody playing me?' and he goes 'no they'll be you'."

"So there's a lot of crossover Norman stuff in there because Hideo wanted you to relate to the character. He didn't want just a generic character and he kind of did it through Norman a little bit, so you'll see some Easter eggs or certain things that happen and you'll go 'oh that's very Norman', but he did that on purpose."

There's a lot to unpack here, not least the fact that Reedus refers to himself in the third person and assumes we all know him well enough to go "oh that's very Norman" (Kojima's worldview has clearly rubbed off on him), but his comments nonetheless line up with what we've heard about Death Stranding so far. 

Stay tuned for Death Stranding's official launch on November 8 next month to find out exactly how Norman's personality shines through his character in-game. Just don't look at his crotch

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