Norman Reedus' Death Stranding character is not happy if you keep staring at his crotch

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As the hype-train gears up towards November, Death Stranding is in the headlines once again… only this time, it's for more, er, revealing reasons.

We've already seen a full 50-minutes of the game in action courtesy of Tokyo Game Show earlier this week, but another Death Stranding gameplay video has also been unveiled during Tokyo Game Show, this one featuring Norman Reedus' character, Sam, much more heavily.

Spotted by those eagle-eyed folks at Eurogamer, this one from GamersPrey YouTube begins with a blood transfusion and muddy Sam coming to in his room. 

And then it gets weird. Really weird.

Get to around the 2.28-minute mark, and you'll see what happens if you – For Reasons – decide to keep staring at Sam's crotch. Firstly, he'll act coy and modestly cover himself. Fair enough. Keep doing it, though, and Sam's going to have a problem with you. 

Cue Sam punching you in the face.

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

As Eurogamer opines, this might be a nod towards the first Metal Gear Solid in which – when viewing looking at Meryl in first-person perspective – the player can make Snake's companion abashed (and a little uncomfortable, to be honest) by staring at her for a prolonged period. 

Kojima has been drip-feeding a number of interesting tidbits about Death Stranding lately, including that 50-minute feast we were treated to earlier this week, details on what the Death Stranding pre-order will get you, cover art, and the revelation that Keanu Reeves was originally recommended for the Reedus role. We finally think we a good, concrete idea of how the upcoming PS4 game will play and feel once it's in your hands this November, though – how about you? 

We've also seen enigmatic tweets about the fact that 'tomorrow is in your hands' according to the main man Hideo Kojima himself – all of which makes Leon wonder if making Death Stranding is "turning Hideo Kojima into a tired, lonely insect".

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Vikki Blake
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