The Death Stranding review embargo is November 1st

Death Stranding review embargo
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The Death Stranding review embargo is November 1, 07:01 am GMT / 08:01 am CET / 12:01 AM PST, and that's pretty much all I can tell you. I'm currently playing Death Stranding for review and I'm saying nothing more than that to save even the hint of spoilers. 

In case you're wondering why everyone's talking about the review embargo now it's because even that information was embargoed. After that November 1 date reviews and gameplay videos will be allowed, but only from the opening portion of the game. 

It's a multistage embargo with more content gradually being allowed out the day before the Death Stranding release date of November 8, but even after it's out Sony has asked that reviewers avoid spoiling too much. Obviously, as the first game from Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions, post-Konami divorce, this is a big deal, hence all the secrecy, embargo and build up. I'm certainly not feeling the pressure at all. Oh no, it's all fine here. Whatever happens my thoughts on the game will be live on the review embargo and I will be keeping it completely spoiler-free.

While we wait for everything to kick-off why don't you check out the Death Standing install size (opens in new tab) and make sure you've got enough room on your PS4. And, if you're a Kojima fan, then why not take a second to vote for this year's Golden Joysticks and get a free MGS ebook for your time (opens in new tab)

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