Prepare for Death Stranding by getting a free Hideo Kojima ebook when you vote in The Golden Joystick Awards

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With Death Stranding on the horizon, what better way to prepare for Kojima’s latest extravaganza than with an ebook dedicated to the acclaimed, and divisive, auteur? Golden Joystick Presents: A Hideo Kojima Book delves into the man that created Metal Gear Solid, with features that explore the seminal stealth series with unrivaled depth.

Vote in the Golden Joystick Awards and claim your free Hideo Kojima ebook

And, thanks to the Golden Joystick Awards 2019, you can get this ebook for free if you vote in the awards - just follow the link above. Yep, you can have your say in the world's longest-running public-voted games awards while also nabbing an ebook full of insight into the mind of Hideo Kojima, including little-known background about his upbringing and early career; plus a deeper look at MGS2's 'villains' The Patriots and how they foreshadowed the modern internet era. Just make sure you follow the link above to vote in the Golden Joystick Awards to claim your free ebook.

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If you already have poured over this ebook - or fancy a different read - there’s a choice of ebooks for you to claim after you’ve voted. These include The Complete Guide to Fortnite, The Complete Guide to Minecraft, The Retro Gamer Annual 2019, The PC Gamer Annual 2019, and Edge - The Annual. No matter what you’re into, there’s an ebook that’ll suit your tastes.

The Golden Joysticks Awards 2019 take place on Friday, November 15, and you’ll be able to watch the show live via the Golden Joystick Awards Twitch channel. With games such as Apex Legends, Borderlands 3, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, The Division 2, and Devil May Cry 5 all vying for awards, it promises to be a closely fought race for the Joysticks this year. 

Make sure you keep your eyes trained on the Golden Joysticks Awards Twitter for the latest news and announcements about the show. 

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