Death Stranding install size is 55GB on PS4 and multiplayer is "optional", reveals new product listing

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Death Stranding is weeks away from release, and a new product listing from Best Buy has revealed exactly how much memory it'll take up your PS4's hard drive. 

The info derives from a new piece of promotional art, which also states that the multiplayer components of Hideo Kojima's upcoming PS4 game is entirely "optional."

But back to Death Stranding's install size, which is apparently only 55GB in memory when bought on disc. This number, of course, doesn't account for any Day One patches or future DLCs, but it's still a fairly modest threshold for an open world multiplayer game from the creator of Metal Gear Solid. 

Speaking of multiplayer, the Best Buy listing reveals that Death Stranding's online components - in which players can construct buildings together, provide clues for each other, and indirectly interact in a number of different ways - aren't mandatory, stating "online play [is] optional" for owners of the game. 

Whether that means you can play Death Stranding without a PS Plus subscription, or if you can simply ignore the game's online elements rather than turning them off completely, is unclear, but it certainly comes as good news for those who want to focus on the story of Sam Bridges without dealing with the social strand stuff on the side. 

Death Stranding releases for PS4 on November 8 next month, so make sure you clear out at least 55GB on your hard drive to start preparing for launch now. 

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