Is Death Stranding coming to PC? It's been delisted as a PS4 exclusive, so maybe...

Death Stranding
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The ever elusive Death Stranding appears to have been delisted as a PS4 exclusive on PlayStation’s official website. As spotted on ResetEra, if you use the Wayback Machine site, you can see Hideo Kojima's upcoming game listed under PS4 exclusives back in May, but now it's no longer there. Anyone hoping this means it’ll make its way to Xbox One or Nintendo Switch may have to keep on hoping, as it more likely to suggest Death Stranding could be making its way to PC too. 

If true, the question of whether it'll launch on PC at the same time as the PS4 release remains to be seen. Since there’s currently no way to preorder a copy on PC at the moment, it could very well mean it’ll be a timed PS4 exclusive that’ll launch on PC at some stage afterwards. 

Its release on PC has been a long rumoured and pretty solid suspicion for quite some time, and this delisting could have finally answered at least one of the many questions we have about Kojima Productions mysterious new 'Strand' game. While nothing official has been confirmed just yet, it looks pretty promising. 

Death Stranding is due to release November 8, and if you're still trying to work out just what Norman Reedus is doing and what it all means, we're right there with you. Famously, the man behind the game has even said that when he tried to explain the plot to his team, no one got it - so it’s not so surprising that we’re still trying to figure it all out. But that's all part of the fun, right? 

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