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How to use custom skins in Days Gone: accents & decals explained

Days Gone custom skins

As you progress through the story, you’ll start getting more and more items for your bike in the form of Days Gone skins. Whether it’s a new decal or a custom paint job, Deacon will start getting a series of items that let him make his bike more… unique. Though you unlock new items in a variety of ways in Days Gone, actually applying them to your bike is a trickier task than it should be. So whether you want to apply new skins, accents, and decals, take a look at the guide below to figure out how. Because the game certainly doesn’t give you any clue how to do it yourself. 

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How to use Days Gone custom skins

Days Gone custom skins

Whenever you complete a storyline in Days Gone, you'll be rewarded with a custom skin or two. Except they're not actually custom skins... they're custom accents. To use them on your bike, you need to visit any camp mechanic who sells upgrades to your bike. The ones who only offer a repair and refuel won't work unfortunately.

When you're at one of the correct mechanics, navigate to the Paint category, then along to Decals. Do you see why this is confusing now? Press R2 to move from Decals to Custom Accents, which is where you'll find each of your unlocked custom accents ready to equip. It doesn't cost any camp credits to use them, so you can test as many out as you like till you find your favourite.

If you go back and look at the individual decals, you can spruce up the accents even further with various images, though each one of these will set you back a whole 10 credits. Take a look at the various types of frame paint and accent paint till you find something that goes with your accent and you'll be good to go.

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