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Cheap Borderlands 3 sale sees 50% blasted off the price on PS4 and Xbox One

Cheap Borderlands 3 sale saves you 50% on the game for PS4 and Xbox One
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For those still looking to pick up the looter-shooter, there's a cheap Borderlands 3 sale going on right now in the US and UK. Stateside, Walmart is selling the PS4 version for just $23.20 and the Xbox One equivalent for $24.99. No matter which platform you choose, both save you $20 on one of 2019's biggest games. Meanwhile, in the UK, Currys has discounted the PS4 and Xbox One copies of Borderlands 3, bringing it down to a very palatable £22.99 instead of £50. Better still, you get a free six-month Spotify Premium subscription with either of Currys' deals.

It's good timing for a cheap Borderlands 3 sale; the game's had time to iron out any kinks since its launch last year, and new DLC can't be all that far away. As such, now's a fine time to dive in while it's so heavily reduced. And don't worry, retailers aren't trying to clear their shelves of a rubbish game - we gave it four stars out of five in our Borderlands 3 review

Cheap Borderlands 3 sale

Borderlands 3 (PS4) | $23.20 at Walmart (save $20)
Return to the world of Pandora with this foul-mouthed but oh-so-fun shooter for less via this deal.View Deal

Borderlands 3 (Xbox One) | $24.99 at Walmart (save $20)
We're not entirely sure why it's more expensive on Xbox, but that's still a cracking price for Borderlands 3.View Deal

Borderlands 3 (PS4) + 6 months of Spotify Premium | £22.99 at Currys (save £27)
Go back to Pandora with all-new heroes, a fresh story, and whole ton more loot.View Deal

Borderlands 3 (Xbox One) + 6 months of Spotify Premium | £22.99 at Currys (save £27)
Take on the madness of Borderlands for a whole lot less than you'd normally pay.View Deal

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