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Bryan Fuller Developing High Moon

Pushing Daisies’ showrunner is creating a lunar-based show for Syfy, but for some reason, even though we reported it in SFX 206, the internet hasn’t picked up on it yet

SFX 207 is out in the shops this week (subscribers have already received their copies) and yet we were surprised during a Google search over the weekend to find out that a pretty exciting piece of news that popped up in SFX 206 has yet to set the internet alight.

Maybe nobody else cares, but we’re certainly excited because it involves a man who we reckon has been behind some pretty damned great shows – Bryan Fuller ( Pushing Daisies , Dead Like Me , Heroes when it was good). In our feature about the death of the spaceship show, we published the following snippet:

“Right now Fuller is developing a variety of genre film and television ideas including a Munsters reboot for NBC, and – ironically – a space drama for Syfy with Jim Danger Grey called High Moon . In the middle of wrangling around the very pitfalls being discussed, Fuller offers candidly, “I get their concerns. Taking the show we have in development for Syfy, it’s set on the Moon and that’s a barrier to entry because we don’t know what it’s like to live on the Moon. It’s not quite as high a barrier because we see the Moon every night and it’s just out of our reach so it creates a yearning for exploration over our heads. But in developing the show with the Syfy channel, we found out they get so many Moon-based series pitches. It’s one of the most common they hear and I think the reason they chose to explore High Moon , which is based on The Lotus Caves [by novelist John Christopher] is because we have some different elements that you haven’t heard before. We have the element of something growing on the Moon, so how is that happening and how is that affecting the characters? So as writers, primarily our jobs, beside something growing on the Moon, are the characters. We have to make them relatable to the audience. And so I don’t think it’s about people losing interest in space, but finding the right balance of relatability in space. What are people’s stories in space and how are they relatable?”

Now, it has been reported before that a TV version of The Lotus Caves was in development, but the name (which we love) and the details were all new to us. And we think the internet should be excited. So here’s our unashamed attempt to get it excited. Come on guys, it’s Bryan Fuller!