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Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X monitor deals - what to expect next month

Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X monitor deals: BenQ EW3270U
(Image credit: BenQ)

Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X monitor deals are going to be an exciting new part of the annual deals madness this year. With the consoles only a year or so old by the time the sales circus comes to town, this is going to be the first proper Black Friday and Cyber Monday some prime new-gen console monitors will experience.

It was during the last console cycle that the demand for, interest in, and use of monitors as console companions came to the fore. Gone are the days where the best gaming monitor contenders are only to be teamed with gaming PCs and gaming laptops. And now that we are into the generation of the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, there are more console-focused monitors than ever. 

We're hoping that some of these displays are featured in the Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X monitor deals because they're getting really quite good. What we've seen with the best PS5 monitors and best Xbox Series X monitors is panels fuelled with gaming specs that rival even the best gaming monitors that are purely aimed at PC gaming.

And while they don't offer the obvious functionality of the best gaming TVs or best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X, you really can feel the benefits of the gaming chops on offer and have the flexibility to choose your weapon. Do you value refresh rate over everything else? Then a 1080p super-fast model is out there for you; after 4K and don't mind busting a gut for 120Hz refresh rate? There's plenty of go-to 4K monitors for gaming now that are brilliant for consoles. The Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X monitor deals are the perfect time to commit to such as screen and bag a beauty.

Where will the best Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X monitor deals be?

We'll be stacking this page with the latest Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X monitor deals when the big day (weekend) arrives. However, if you want a nose around before then, or just get some pages ready to bookmark, then the below retailers are where we think we'll see the most action.

always the first port of call for deals on tech
Best Buy:
regularly price matches and has great stock
Newegg: has great monitor options given the PC-focused nature of the retailer
price matches and has stores to visit and collect from too

UK shoppers should always start here for monitors
Very: always a solid gaming retailer option for gear and tech
the familiar electronics store should have loads of choice
Box: definitely worth a look to find the right PS5 or XSX monitor for you
Ebuyer: with its PC hardware focus, this retailer will be a go-to for monitors

When will the Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X monitor deals start?

Friday, November 26 is the date you need marking in your calendar in big red ink. The Friday itself is often when the biggest deals and deepest price cuts go live, but as we all know by now, it's going to pay to be on the lookout for deals way earlier than this. We think being aware and tracking retailers from late October onwards is a good idea if only to get your eye in, but also to potentially bag a great early deal.

Should I wait for the Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X monitor deals?

Given that PS5 and XSX monitors can be pretty premium, high-ticket items, our advice is to absolutely wait for the biggest and best deals to arrive - instead of being tempted by a good or OK price now. Given that we are in mid-October, it's unlikely (though not a certainty, of course) that anything will be better now than the big day itself - Black Friday PS5 and XSX monitor deals that properly happen in Black Friday week are almost definitely going to be better than anything we've seen all year so will be worth the wait.

Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X monitor deals: ASUS CG32UQ

(Image credit: ASUS)

Today's best deals

If you're looking to really get your eye in, below are some of our favourite PS5 and Xbox Series X monitors and their latest prices right now, wherever you are. If only for a good reference point before the deals start in earnest, these should be useful. Our price finding tech always finds the latest prices and will update automatically.

For broader looks at the gaming display deals that will be on offer this year check out what to expect from the deals on Black Friday gaming monitors, the Black Friday curved monitor deals, and the Black Friday 4K monitor deals.

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