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Best Apex Legends characters - the best Apex Legends character tier list

Best Apex Legends characters

The best Apex Legends character is always going hard to pick and a new character only adds to the choice. If you don't like to engage in one-on-one fights all the time, preferring to sit back and support your teammates in Apex Legends, then someone like Lifeline will be a better fit than Wraith, and vice versa. What we can do, however, is work out the best Apex Legends character tier list, based on over two years of playing the game. So if you're struggling to work out who to play as, try one of these best Apex Legends characters.

We do have complete guides to most of the characters in the game, so check out any of the links below to see them all:

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Apex Legends best character tier list

(Image credit: EA)

It goes without saying that the above Apex Legends character tier list is of course an opinion, so you may think differently. Based on high level gameplay and the current characters used by professional Apex Legends players however, this is what we'd go for:

S Tier
Wraith, Caustic, Horizon

A Tier
Gibraltar, Bloodhound

B Tier
Revenant, Bangalore, Octane

C Tier
Crypto, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Mirage

F Tier
Fuse, Loba, Rampart, Wattson

Below, we've outlined what makes the current S Tier legends so strong.

Best Apex Legends characters: Wraith

Apex Legends best character: Wraith

(Image credit: EA`)

Ever since the start of the game, Wraith has been one of the best characters. Her portal ability allows her and her entire team to either flee or enter battle, which permits some seriously sneaky play. The fact that she can go almost-invisible and run at a faster speed means she can get out of trouble quickly too. Then there's the otherworldly voice she hears whenever someone's aiming at her or a teammate. Despite being a popular solo pick, Wraith also excels when part of a team, which makes her a top choice.

Best Apex Legends characters: Caustic

Apex Legends best character: Caustic

(Image credit: EA`)

Caustic might be the edgiest of the Apex Legends characters but his crowd control abilities are second to none. He can completely block off areas with his motion-activated gas traps, which are incredibly useful inside buildings. His ultimate is a gas grenade; a similar effect, but one that can be thrown anywhere. Plus he can see through his own gas thanks to his passive ability, so what is there to lose? Not to mention the fact he takes 15% less bullet damage...

Best Apex Legends characters: Horizon

Apex Legends best character: Horizon

(Image credit: EA`)

Horizon is a movement-focused legend, but her abilities work incredibly well with a team. Gravity Lift can be used as both a boosted platform to reach new heights along with another place to perch atop and fire down on your enemies from. Then Spacewalk improves her air control in general. Finally, Black Hole is so good when communicating with your teammates, because if you throw it down and pull enemies into the hole, grenades and abilities to cause pure destruction on any enemies caught within.

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