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Ben Affleck is teasing us with mysterious footage of Batman baddie, Deathstroke

The DCEU Batman solo movie isn't even in pre-production yet, but some are speculating that we may have already gotten a look at one (if not the) main villain. Ben Affleck tweeted about 30 seconds of footage of the mercenary known as Deathstroke earlier today, and fans are already losing their minds:

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Now, as I said, the Batman movie is not far enough along to have a Deathstroke costume, a set on which to film, or - according to what Affleck said in June - even a finished script (opens in new tab). However, it's not outside the realm of reason to think that Deathstroke could show up as a smaller villain in Justice League (opens in new tab), or a post-credits tease for the Batman solo film.

In any case, the footage nails the look of this amoral killer. Hopefully whoever's in the suit can live up to the standards set by the animated version (opens in new tab) and we'll find out just what's going on here sooner rather than later.

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Image: DC Comics

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