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Bee-autiful! Evangeline Lilly gives a first look at the fully-suited Wasp in Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man isn’t coming alone in the sequel to the 2015 movie. Sure, the title Ant-Man and The Wasp does give the game away, but Wasp actress Evangeline Lilly has just confirmed the very first official shot of her character in costume.

We may have gotten a quick glimpse of The Wasp’s costume in the post-credits scene of Ant-Man but here’s The Wasp in all of her glory, courtesy of a banner from this weekend’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, handily tweeted out by Lilly.

It’s worth pointing out the Wasp's costume is practically identical to the suit we saw in the post-credits, with the faded yellow and black suit being an upgrade on the original Wasp suit used by Hank Pym’s wife (and the new Wasp’s mother) Janet Van Dyne. After a muted effort in the original movie, it sure is nice to see Hope Van Dyne spread her wings and let loose. 

The sequel - due to be released 6 July, 2018 - sees Paul Rudd return as Scott Lang, with Michael Douglas making a comeback as Hank Pym. And for those of you in need of a ridiculously unreliable narrator, Michael Peña is back as Luis.

Image: Marvel

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