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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide

Near Ace Chemical Bridge

There's a weak wall just a bit higher up from the warehouse you just entered. Bust through with the Batmobile's cannon to find this on the other side.

Near Ace Chemical Bridge

There's a Riddler puzzle just east of the Chinatown side of the bridge. Grapple up there to find a Riddler bot, a cage, and an electrified floor. Use the Voice Synthesizer to command the bot across the floor, bringing the trophy to you.

Ace Chemical Bridge

If you actually head out on the broken bridge, you can find a small structure underneath towards the end. Grapple to the ledge down here to find another trophy.

Ace Chemical Tower

There's a lone tower east of Ace Chemicals. Grapple to the top ledge to find this.

Chinatown Hotel

In the northernmost corner of the island is a rundown hotel. Head around back to find a wood panel you can bust through. Do so, then grapple up to the hole to find a trophy inside.

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