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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide


Drive into the lower roads just south of the previous trophy, and look for this ledge by where the road bends. Grapple up there to find the trophy by a trashcan.


There's a Riddler puzzle along the lower roads that run by the cemetery. First, use the Voice Synthesizer to place one of the Riddler bots on the pressure pad, opening a nearby shutter. Step through and blow through the cracked wall with Explosive Gel. Then crawl through the vent to reach the squad of Riddler bots; take them out to earn a trophy.

Perdition Bridge

There's a shutter by the water immediately south of the bridge. Hit the generator above it with each mode of the Remote Electrical Charge to open it, revealing a Riddler puzzle inside. There's a sentry gun guarding the trophy, so hit the Riddler switch to block its view with another shutter. When you grab the trophy, a squad of Riddler bots will appear. Guide a Remote Controlled Batarang to the switch to release the sentry gun, which will blow them all away. Send another to ensure your safe exit.

Subway under Divinity Church

This is the subway you enter while the city is overrun with the Cloudburst toxin. The first trophy is inside the control room in the corner of the opening chamber. Drop in through the ceiling.

Subway under Divinity Church

Found just after the first security gate. When you disable the second drone, check the desk nearby.

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