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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide

Bank of Gotham

On the roof of the building is a cracked wall. It's tough to spot, but you can zoom in and blast it with the Batmobile's cannon. There's a trophy beyond.

Pretty Dolls Parlor

You'll come here at the end of The Perfect Crime side quest. You can see it inside the main office as soon as you enter. Reach it by slipping through the nearby grate and blowing through the destructible wall with Explosive Gel.

Lex Corp

There's a Riddler puzzle on a balcony midway up the building. There are two pressure pads and a Riddler bot that will attack on sight. Use the Voice Synthesizer to order him onto one pad - make sure he's facing away from you - then step onto the other. Use the Batclaw to snatch the trophy when it pops.

Wayne International Plaza

Check the top floor of the station under construction on the west end of the plaza. You'll find the trophy in a room filled with chairs.

Wayne International Plaza

Hanging out in plain sight on a balcony facing Lex Corp.

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