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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide

Grand Avenue Urbarail Station

A level below the previous trophy is a train, and you'll find this atop it.

Mainland Bridge

Check the blocked bridge entrance to find a Riddler puzzle. Pulling back on the hook with the Batmobile winch will get the gears turning, raising the trophy in its tube. As it rises, eject from the car and use the Batclaw to grab it as it moves past the center window.

Mainland Bridge

There's a south-facing cracked wall near the tunnel entrance under the bridge, but to shoot it out, you'll need to get the Batmobile onto the Wayne Tower island. Once you've done this, you can glide into the alcove to fetch the trophy.

Wayne Tower

Behind the tower is a pulsing green panel. Pull up to it and use the Batmobile's Forensic Scanner to reveal some Riddler marks on the ground. This will lead you over a ramp and into the nearby Urbarail Station (you'll need to open the gate with the Remote Hacking Device if you haven't already), eventually revealing a weak spot in the wall. Shoot it out and climb into the room beyond to find a trophy.

Wayne Tower

Scale the northeast corner, and you'll find this doorway. Head down the steps inside to find the trophy in a side room.

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