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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide

Coast Guard Station

The station is directly south from the Clock Tower. Check underneath the boardwalk to find a trophy, and use your Batclaw to fetch it.

Earl Cooper Auto Repair

This auto shop is across the street from the Bank of Gotham in Chinatown. Use the Batmobile's Forensics scanner on the green symbol to make Riddler marks appear on the ground. Follow these - you'll have to double back and get onto the bridge - to find a spot you can blast open with the car's cannon. Grapple up to get the trophy inside.

Earl Cooper Auto Repair

There's a storage unit atop the shop. Use your Batarang on the switch to raise the containers inside, then head over the pressure pad. Step on it and use the Batclaw to yank the trophy your way, causing a bunch of Riddler bots to appear. Save yourself the fight: use the Remote Controlled Batarang to hit the other switch on the containers and drop them on the minions.

Near Ace Chemical Bridge

On the Chinatown side of the bridge is a green handle in a column. Use the Batmobile's winch to pull the trophy out from inside the building.

Near Ace Chemical Bridge

On the opposite side of the Chinatown bridge end is a large warehouse; you can get inside via the waterfront. There's a trophy inside.

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