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Avengers: Infinity War is totally giving away all of its secrets on Twitter – see the best set photos

I’ll just say it. Avengers: Infinity War has done a really bad job at covering up its set shoots. From villain reveals, to two Avengers smooching, there’s been a lot uncovered from eagle-eyed set-goers and behind-the scenes shots. Here is every possible Avengers: Infinity War set photo (and a few videos) that you’ll need to tide you over before next year’s release.

Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, and RDJ 

Probably the most recognisable set photo is this one officially released by Marvel, showing off a green screen and some sort of alien wreckage behind the holy trinity of Marvel’s leading actors. They're surely in a scene together, right?

Corvus Glaive – Thanos’ right-hand man 

Scotland seems to be the place to be for sneaky set shots. Edinburgh is home to a scene involving Corvus Glaive – here’s the one with the scythe (read here for more information on Glaive). There’s also a few more, admittedly blurrier, shots down below.

Taking over train stations 

Speaking of Edinburgh, Infinity War has taken over Waverley train station with a gigantic green screen and even a mock coffee shop to boot. Now that’s dedication.

Vision and Scarlet Witch sitting in a tree...

PDA is bad enough at the best of times, but when it’s private and turns public thanks to a few on-set snoopers then it’s all kinds of embarrassing. Thankfully, Vision and Scarlet Witch’s clinch is all part of the movie but, still, a bit weird.

Elizabeth Olsen is EVERYWHERE

Seriously. Scarlet Witch already been seen performing stunts in Edinburgh and in a bunch of other pictures – including with Paul Bettany (Vision). I guess she’s hard to miss with all of that red hair…

Spidey goes a-swinging

It can’t be a set reveal without a ridiculously cheesy looking stunt. Step right up, Spider-Man. Tom Holland’s double is seen swinging from the rafters in something reminiscent of that terrible, terrible Spidey Broadway musical.

There’s even an awkward looking photo of the webhead just… hanging around. Heh.

Avengers in a cathedral

Scotland isn’t the only place for set scoops. Durham Cathedral is also home to some cheeky snaps, with a big scene being set up in the halls of the church.

Fake Rocket

This Rocket Raccoon stand-in is all kinds of creepy. Seriously, look at it. Eww.

RDJ and Tom Holland: Part 2

We’ll end as we began, with Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland parading in front of a green screen. Tom is looking spectacularly uncomfortable in his special harness suit, bless him.

Image: Marvel

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