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Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess star in One Day trailer

The first trailer for romantic drama One Day has arrived on the interweb.

The film, adapted from David Nicholls' much-read novel by An Education director Lone Scherfig, stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess as star-crossed friends/lovers Emma and Dexter.

The pair meet at university, and the book/film tracks their relationship on the one day (St Swithin's Day - 15 July) of the title, across 20 years.

Hathaway once again gets the chance to show off her polished English accent, and the time-spanning narrative requires the central pair to sport a number of dodgy barnets.

Sturgess has been threatening to break into the A-list for some time now, but he's never quite done it; perhaps this will be the movie that finally propels him into the upper echelons.

Check out the trailer now:

One Day is set to be released on 30 September 2011.