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Animal Crossing Nook Points: How to earn them and what they're for

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nook Points
(Image credit: Nintendo)

There's a new currency called Nook Points to earn in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Rather than earning them in the game though, Animal Crossing Nook Points are linked to the NookLink service within the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app available on Android and iOS devices. But, you can use them to access exclusive in-game items, and who doesn't want more stuff for their island? 

Here's a complete guide to Animal Crossing Nook Points, including how to earn them, what they're for, and how to redeem them. 

How to earn Animal Crossing Nook Points

Animal Crossing Nook Points

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Firstly, in order to start earning Animal Crossing Nook Points, you'll need two things:

  • The Nintendo Switch Online app for Android or iOS
  • A Nintendo Switch Online membership

Once you've got both of those to hand, you're ready to begin. From there, just make sure that you sign into the Animal Crossing section - aka NookLink - of the Nintendo Switch Online app each day to earn a number of Nook Points. You'll need to hit the in-app Nook Points section in order to collect your daily points. 

It looks like you'll earn 10 per day, but it's not clear yet whether there'll be bonuses for consistent check-ins or events for example. 

Animal Crossing Nook Points Prizes

Animal Crossing Nook Points

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Now that you've started collecting Nook Points, you'll then (eventually) be able to redeem them for some exclusive items to utilize on your island. The selection of rewards on offer is currently quite limited, but if you are only able to earn 10 points per day, it's going to take you a while to earn enough points for all the items on offer. No time traveling options here folks. 

Here are all the currently available Animal Crossing Nook Points prizes:

  • Nook Inc. poster (10 points)
  • Nook Inc. doorplate (40 points)
  • ACNH carrying case (60 points)
  • Timmy and Tommy's photo (100 points)
  • Tom Nook's photo (100 points)
  • Isabelle's photo (100 points)

Anything you buy using Animal Crossing Nook Points will be delivered to you in the mail within your Animal Crossing: New Horizons game automatically. You can also buy items multiple times if you have enough points to redeem. 

It's not clear whether the range of items will ever expand beyond the six currently available, but seeing as Nintendo regularly introduce new items to the main game it isn't beyond the realms of possibility to think that the same may also apply to this new service. 

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