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50 Oldest Action Heroes

John Malkovich

The Action: As often an action villain as a hero, Malkovich will be getting the explosives out again for forthcoming geriatric actioner, Red 2 .

Current Age: 59

Most Recent Film: Lines Of Wellington (2012)

Still Got It? So much so that he's also willing to wear a kilt while performing action scenes. Impressive.

Steven Seagal

The Action Hero: A guitar-strumming, ponytail-wearing institution, Seagal is probably the most glaring omission from the Expendables movies so far. Get him signed up, Sly!

Current Age: 60

Most Recent Film: Maximum Conviction (2012)

Still Got It? He turned in an enjoyable cameo in Machete , but whether he could carry a movie is another matter. Still, who wouldn't like to see him try?

Liam Neeson

The Action Hero: A late bloomer in the action game, its an area Neeson has taken to with gusto! Never have we felt more confident backing a man in a fight with a wolf.

Current Age: 60

Most Recent Film:
Taken 2 (2012)

Still Got It? It seems as though he's just getting started...

Kurt Russell

The Action Hero: An actor equally comfortable with dramatic roles as he is straightforward action, Russell has moved away from the latter of late. Although Death Proof was a rather glorious swansong.

Current Age: 61

Most Recent Film: Touchback (2011)

Still Got It? He might have stayed away from action for a while, but his turn as Stuntman Mike was right up there with his most badass roles.

Jean Reno

The Action Hero: Arguably the greatest action hero to emerge from France, Reno will always be associated with hitman classic, Leon . No bad thing, really…

Current Age: 64

Most Recent Film: Alex Cross (2012)

Still Got It? A rare bright note in the dismal Alex Cross , Reno is still a supremely watchable presence.

Samuel L. Jackson

The Action Hero: Aircraft overrun with reptiles? This is the man for the job. He really has had it with those snakes!

Current Age: 64

Most Recent Film: Django Unchained (2012)

Still Got It? Sam Jackson will never become any less intimidating, no matter how many years pass by.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Action Hero: The definitive action hero, star of a thousand catchphrases and occasional politician. The gold standard of old action stars.

Current Age: 65

Most Recent Film: The Last Stand (2013)

Still Got It? Most definitely. The Last Stand sees Arnie throwing himself about with gusto, even if said antics are accompanied with the obligatory "I'm too old for this shit" witticism.

Carl Weathers

The Action Hero: A pro footballer turned action hero, last seen playing himself on TV's Arrested Development .

Current Age: 65

Most Recent Film:
The Comebacks (2007)

Still Got It? He's still an imposing physial preence, although whether his knees are up to it is another matter. still pretty badass when he cropped up in The shield not so long ago...

Danny Glover

The Action Hero: One half of Lethal Weapon 's mismatched duo, Danny Glover is the ultimate exponent of "I'm too old for this shit" bellyaching.

Current Age:

Most Recent Film: The Bouquet (2013)

Still Got It?
He's not done much action for quite a while. Probably on account of being too old for that shit.

Sylvester Stallone

The Action Hero: The man largely responsible for this action hero revival, thanks to his role as ringleader of the Expendables. His dialogue remains as incomprehensible as ever…

Current Age:

Most Recent Film: Bullet To The Head (2013)

Still Got It?
As the above film's leading man, Jimmy Bobo, he's as unrepentantly badass as ever, and even manages to breathe some life into a truly dire script.

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